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IPA 2007-2009: Business-Related Infrastructure Grant Scheme
„Tourist valorisation of cultural – historic heritage and public infrastructure of Park Nehaj – 4tressCulTour“ IPA2007/HR/16IPO/001-040212


The Beneficiary of this grant is City of Senj and its partners - Senj Development Agency, Senj Tourist Board, Senj Town Museum, Public Open University M.C. Nehajev Senj. The total cost of the Action is estimated at 989.682,85 € of which 75% is financed by European Union, in this case the Contracting Authority is Central Finance and Contracting Agency.

Overall objective of this action implies contribution to development of tourism sector and related small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Town of Senj and Lika-Senj County throughout sustainable economic valorisation of cultural and historic potentials of the region. Its purpose is to enhance public tourism infrastructure and improve tourist offer with its basis in cultural and historic heritage as well as to develop support services for small and medium sized entrepreneurs and other relevant stakeholders based on transfer of best practices, know-how and promotion of favourable investment environment.

Project duration is planned to be 12 months.

Expected results are as follows:

  1. Public tourism infrastructure improved and created necessary infrastructural preconditions for SMEs development and job openings – based on adapted Fortress and Park Nehaj public infrastructure,
  2. Developed system of sustainable planning and managing of cultural and historic resources – formed Action group and developed Cultural Programme,
  3. Economically valorised cultural, historic and traditional heritage in sustainable manner for enhancement of tourist offer – developed Marketing Plan,
  4. Enhanced capacities and competitiveness of tourism sector stakeholders – throughout implemented educational and training programmes,
  5. Presented and promoted cultural tourism offer aiming at creation of recognizable destination – based on implemented visibility activities (developed web page, leaflets, brochures and info days) and set up tourist signalization (info tables).


Activities of the action and their effectiveness:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Action group formation and activities
  • Development of Cultural Programme
  • Development of Marketing Plan of Park Nehaj
  • Adaptation of Fortress Nehaj
  • Adaptation of Park Nehaj
  • Setting up of tourist signalization
  • Educational and training activities
  • Project visibility